Premium portable UV sterilizer

Sterilizzatore UV portatile Premium - Dolomiti Medical

Premium portable UV sterilizer

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Destroys 99.8% of germs in three minutes

Our portable UV sterilizer eliminates 99.8% of germs and viruses* found on the surface of objects. The highly efficient sterilizer kills germs with six UV lights quickly and safely. You can use it to eliminate germs from smartphones, face masks, jewelry, watches and many other items. This sterilizer has a magnetic sensor, which automatically turns off the ultraviolet light when the lid is opened to prevent damage to eyes and skin. 


Portable and wireless charging

We're making it easier than ever to keep your items safe from germs. Our portable UV sterilizer fits easily into your pocket or bag.

  • It kills virus is bacteria: This UV Lamp Can Easily Kill Bacteria Including: Mold, Staph. aureus, E. coli, Animal Parvovirus, Influenza Virus, etc. Ultraviolet light breaks them down into water and oxygen.
  • The Dolomiti Medical portable UV light sterilizer is the perfect solution to sanitize surfaces and devices by removing most of the germs. It can be easily put in your pocket or bag, it is a compact and easy to carry device.
  • The portable UV sterilizer does not come standard with a power supply. You can use one of the power supplies listed below with your sterilizer: 5W / 10W / 12W USB power supply.

* there are still no in-depth scientific studies showing whether UV rays eliminate the new Covid-19