EcoSave - Stimulator against poisonous bites and stings

EcoSave - Stimolatore contro morsi e punture velenose - Dolomiti Medical

EcoSave - Stimulator against poisonous bites and stings

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EcoSave is an emergency electronic stimulator against poisonous bites and stings. A few electric shocks are enough a reduce the toxic reaction
The device constitutes a modern and innovative means of emergency intervention, before any treatment by a doctor or a hospital center and acts effectively against poisonous snake bites, poisonous insect bites (bees, wasps, hornets, etc.), of arachnids (scorpions, spiders etc.) and marine animals (weever, jellyfish, stinging coral).
Ecosave can be part of the first aid medical equipment, that every hiker, naturalist, forest or environmental operator, farmer, beekeeper and every person in charge of hunting and fishing surveillance carries with him, with the minimum encumbrance.
Hunters, in particular, will fully appreciate its multiple performance, which can also be extended to your dog in the event of viper bite which, not rarely, leads to the death of the affected animal.

Application procedure

The bites of poisonous snakes generally leave, on the affected part, two symmetrical small hole wounds, caused by the venomous teeth. The electrodes of the device must be placed on these, proceeding with a first discharge. Then pivoting on an electrode placed on one of the two wounds, 3 to 7 discharges are applied in a circular direction. In the same way, the operation is repeated on the second wound, in order to fully treat the entire affected area.

Ecosave is effective against viper bites, whose venom acts locally as a hemocytotoxic agent. Ecosave's action is not effective against neurotoxic poison that is transmitted through nerve fibers, such as that of the cobra and other animals such as challows, bees, wasps, arachnids, fish and jellyfish.
Hymenoptera and other animal stings can be very dangerous, and should not be underestimated. Before using EcoSave, examine the affected area and remove the sting, if it is stuck there, or any remains of thorns or tentacles. Place an electrode of the device on the puncture and, pivoting on it, apply 3 to 7 discharges in a circular direction.

If the affected subject is rescued quickly, the electrical stimulation is able to reduce local symptoms - pain, burning, redness, swelling - as well as the consequences of the poison introduced under the skin in a few minutes.
Ecosave is a first aid tool. In the most serious cases (allergic people or snakebite) after treatment, consult a doctor or a hospital.
The validity of the electrical stimulation technique has been and continues to be the subject of studies, investigations and experimentation by American and European researchers. Among the various scientific publications, the authoritative medical journal "The Lancet" has reported on it on several occasions.

Important: treatment with EcoSave must be carried out as promptly as possible. The greater the time elapsed from the bite or sting to treatment, the progressively lower the effectiveness of EcoSave will be.

• EcoSave can be used in adults and children from six years of age.
• It must not be used on people with cardiac pacemakers and heart patients.
• Do not use around the eyes, mouth or other sensitive areas of the body.
• Do not use after the application of insect repellents or in any case near flammable substances.
• In order not to favor a possible transmission of infections, strictly personal use of the product is recommended; in case of use on several people, it is necessary to carry out an adequate disinfection of the product between one use and another.
Keep out of reach of children.

Technical features:

- Sales unit: 1 piece;
- Type: Medical device, Class II A;
- CE certified;
- Declaration of conformity;
- For a correct use read from this link the user manual.