Zanzaclick - Relieves the itching of mosquito bites

Zanzaclick - Allevia il prurito delle punture di zanzare - Dolomiti Medical

Zanzaclick - Relieves the itching of mosquito bites

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Relieves the itching and discomfort of mosquito and gadfly bites and slight stings of jellyfish and nettles with just a few clicks. Italian patent. Very often summer evenings are threatened by the presence of those boring insects that are mosquitoes. The itching that their sting causes is annoying. We succumb to the temptation to scratch, which often happens especially to children, and this can cause skin irritations that are more serious than those of the initial sting. To eliminate these consequences, this small and very practical device called ZANZA CLICK was created

Practical and Technological
The principle is that of applying short electrical pulses at a determined voltage and amperage. The operation is based on piezoelectricity, ie the generation of electrical discharges through mechanical compression and expansion processes on the surface of some crystals, such as quartz. The exploitation of the piezoelectric mechanism, which eliminates the need for batteries or other sources of energy other than that necessary to press the button to generate the impulse, has made it possible to create a device of small size so that it can always be kept at hand. It has no contraindications, is ecological, does not release chemicals, and has a remarkable duration (5,000 stings)

Directions for use
Hold the device like a syringe. Place the tapered part on the sting and press the button several times as needed. In adults, on average 4/5 impulses are sufficient to eliminate itching while 10/15 are needed to eliminate or reduce swelling; for children (over 4 years old) a half dose is sufficient. For best results it is recommended to use the product as soon as possible after the sting. The beneficial effect will be felt after a few minutes. The product also works through summer dresses.

Technical features 

• Discharge voltage: 14 KV
• Discharge current: 0.7 mA
• Pulse duration: 0.01 ms
• Weight: only 10 grams
• Ultra-compact dimensions: - Ø 24 mm - Length: 63 mm
• Power supply: piezoelectric
• Device life: 25000 pulses or 5000 punctures