Light Summer weight Comforter made in Hungary

Piumino Iglù Light Estivo Ungherese - Dolomiti Medical

Light Summer weight Comforter made in Hungary

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Introducing our new Hungarian Summer-Weight, Light Feather Bed Covers. Produced in Trentino South Tyrol with the best materials on the market. A line of excellent quality down comforters that gives a restful and healthy sleep.


 - Fabric of the highest quality:100 cotton
 -Certified Oekotex 100 and Nomite
 Type: Feathered down
 Top-quality padding: 100% down
Filling Power: 750 cuin
Water washable: Max. 40 degrees
Dryer: Max. 50 degrees

Our light-weight down comforter is ideal for the summer: its very light feather fill is specially designed to maintain the right warmth during the summer season. Small square quilted cells prevent the plumage from moving, keeping it evenly distributed.

A breathable and climate-controlled comforter for an ideal sleep always at the right temperature. It provides optimal comfort for all nighttime conditions: the fiber inside our comforters offers exceptional softness and a feeling of freshness in summer and warmth in winter!

The quality of our product

Great temperature adaptability allows you to meet all your needs throughout the year. The soft natural white down and cotton padding, combined with the excellent qualities of filling distribution and thermodynamics make this product unbeatable compared to the other products on the market.

This goose down is filled into fixed closed cells, sewn together so you don't lose any feathers at all, and each cell inside is well insulated from the others by a seam on each side.

High-quality Italian manufacture, no harmful substance has been used in the various stages of processing.

How do I choose my Down Comforter?

The choice of comforters must be made according to the heat point. The heat point is the most practical and effective method to express a cover’s ability to maintain heat. This thermal coefficient is based on the measurement of the insulation properties of a material.

The Dolomiti Medical comforters are divided into 4 types:

Light downs (Heat points 1-2): Ideal for spring/summer seasons, they help keep the body cool, well insulated and dry.

Medium downs (Heat Points 3): Ideal for half-seasons, or for medium-heated environments. It's the right middle ground between a light duvet and a winter duvet.

Hot downs (Heat Points 4): Ideal for the autumn/winter season, and for unheated environments.

Super-hot downs (Heat points 5): the "typical" winter down fill level. Great heat and insulation even for the harshest winters and unheated environments.

How to choose the right heat points?

The best way to home in on the choice of your goose down is to know the temperature of the room where you will cuddle up for sleep. Choose your down fill according to the table, and take into account that often the choice depends on your own personal feeling of warmth. It is a very personally subjective thing to feel if you are warm enough at a certain level or need to decrease by 1 heat point.

Our certifications

Our fabric complies with the Global Organic Textiles Standard (GOTS). Compliance with standards is monitored & controlled by the Authorized Control Union Certifications (CUC).  

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Why is it so special?

Our duvet is able to satisfy all needs during the summer.For the realization of this luxury product, only 100 thick and very soft goose down duvets are used. This high quality padding guarantees a unique thermal capacity in relation to the particular lightness and softness of the down jacket itself. The coating is made of a high quality batiste fabric that has a soft and pleasantly soft touch.

The premium line is very exclusive and has been designed for demanding sleepers who are looking for maximum comfort and pleasure in sleeping.

Our duvets are subjected to a long series of elaborate tests for quality control. For us, the quality of the Dolomiti Medical duvets is fundamental. We only use the finest materials on the market. The certified Dolomiti Medical quality guarantees that no harmful substances have been used in the various processing stages and that all the duvets of our brand have been made in full respect of animal rights. The plumage in fact comes exclusively from certified farms, which guarantee the absence of mistreatment or exploitation of any kind. The best feather comes from happy geese!

The highest quality is the real strength of Dolomiti Medical.




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