Manual Lice Comb

Pettine per pidocchi manuale - Dolomiti Medical

Manual Lice Comb

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Dolomiti Medical manual lice comb is an very special comb because it is able to act against lice used completely by itself. Chemical treatments, in fact, are often toxic and do not guarantee the total elimination of lice & their eggs (nits), so in addition to not completely solving the problem, they lead to having to buy the pesticide product again. This will give rise to a vicious circle, which will certainly not be good for your health; it will also bring resistance to chemical agents by the louse.  Healthy and ecological: the comb solves the problem of lice without the use of chemical treatments. Thanks to its particular teeth with rounded tips, the comb does not damage the hair and scalp, avoiding tearing the hair due to the flexible fixing of its teeth. The manual lice comb
is ergonomic, has long metal teeth, a removable cleaning brush and a built-in magnifying glass. The long, slightly closed teeth are specially designed to detach lice and nits. The round shape of the tips flow with the direction of hair growth without damaging it.


Why buy the manual lice comb?

✔ Free of chemicals and allergens
✔ Comb teeth effectively remove lice and nits

Safe for children

Does not tear or damage hair
✔ Easy to disinfect
✔ Suitable for all hair types
✔ Also suitable for the removal of fleas on pets

Technical features:

- Sales unit: 1 piece;- Detachable cleaning brush with integrated magnifying glass;

- Type: Medical device, class: I;

- Declaration of conformity- For proper use download user manual -
Multilingual instruction pack: GB, FR, IT, ES.