Paper Soap - Paper Soap in Disposable Travel Sheets

Paper Soap - Sapone di carta in fogli - Dolomiti Medical

Paper Soap - Paper Soap in Disposable Travel Sheets

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Washing your hands today is more important than ever: New Paper Soap, Multi-Sheet Soap Bar

Our brand-new paper soap makes hand washing easy and comfortable wherever you are. Our paper disinfectant soap consists of a series of sheets of soapy and scented paper with natural ingredients, which are enclosed in a small and practical package of minimum size just like a soap bar. This allows paper soap to be a practical solution that can be carried comfortably in a handbag, in your pocket, in the dashboard of the car, or on your desk, to be used if necessary at any time of day. Perfect for in home or travel.

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How to use Paper Soap

Just add a little water to the sheets of paper soap and they will immediately turn into soapy foam, ready to cleanse any impurities, to wash your hands or face. Each sheet contains enough soap for 1 wash. The product is also biodegradable.

Why use paper soap?

- For effective cleaning: paper soap uses natural products and contains decontamination agents and gently nourishes the skin and eliminates bacteria; very useful always and especially in this period that it is recommended to wash your hands several times a day to avoid infections.

- It's compact and portable: the small box designed with pressurized soap sheets, easy to separate and saves space in your travel bag and carry-on luggage.. 

- It is easy to use: perfect for everyday use, in fact just take out a sheet of paper soap and add some water. They work very well, dissolves without difficulty even with cold water.

- Many uses: Paper soap is perfect for home, travel, school, gym, business trips, hiking, camping and other outdoor activities, it is also part of an emergency hygiene kit for the countryside, restaurants or office.




- Sales unit: 1 box with 20 sheets of soap
- Dimensions: approx. 8 x 4.5 cm
- Colours: pink, blue and white
- Storage: dry and sealed in its packaging