CARTOON surgical masks for CHILDREN - certified II EN14683

Mascherine chirurgiche per BAMBINI - CARTOON - certificate II EN14683 - Dolomiti Medical

CARTOON surgical masks for CHILDREN - certified II EN14683

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Masks pediatric surgery certificate II, cartoon fantasy, 3-ply, with elastic bands. The dimensions of 14 x 9 cm of these masks pediatric, I am therefore suitable for children and can be comfortably worn to protect against pathogens and viruses. Their use is recommended in hospitals, dental offices, clinics and a school. The inner and outer layers are made of non-woven fabric, while the intermediate layer is made of melt-blown non-woven fabric with filtering action. Practices to wear thanks to the elastic to hook behind the ears. Packs of 10 pieces

These surgical masks are produced by our trusted partner in China. If you are looking for the Made in Italy masks produced by us go to this page Surgical masks Made in Italy.


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    - Packs of 10- Adult model- “Cartoon Fantasy”- Moldable strip adapts to the anatomical shape of the face-  Filtration: fine mesh without fiberglass, BFE filtration efficiency > 98%-  Materials: non-woven fabric, without latex, 1st outer veil 28 gsm non-woven, 2nd veil 25 gsm meltblown filter, 3rd inner veil 25 gsm non-woven-  Certifications:EN14683:2019, Class I Medical Device
    - Multilingual box:GB, FR, IT, ES, PT, DE, SE, GR, RO, Arabic-  Distributor: Gima Italy- Country of production: China (if you are looking for made in Italy masks produced by us go to this page Surgical masks Made in Italy)

    How to use it
    1.    Wash your hands with soap and water or with an alcohol solution before wearing the mask
    2.    Cover your mouth and nose with the mask using the form strip to make sure it adheres well to your face
    3.    Avoid touching the mask while wearing it, if you touch it, wash your hands
    4.    When it becomes moist, replace it with a new one and do not reuse it; these are intended to be disposable masks
    5.    Remove the mask by unhooking the elastic bands from around the ears and do not touch the front of the mask; throw it immediately into a disposal bag and wash your hands

    Storage conditions
    The mask pack should be kept in a clean, dry place with good ventilation; avoid moisture and exposure to contaminants. A minimum temperature of 4 degrees and a maximum temperature of 30 degrees is recommended. For excellent storage, we recommend to use the Dolomiti Medical mask door that can be purchased at the following link: Smart Mask Door

    •    Effective filtering, with great breathability
    •    Fixing to the ear by means of a soft elastic band to ensure maximum comfort even for several consecutive hours; perfect for use on airplanes or public transport
    Technical characteristics
    -  BFE: 98%-  Differential pressure (Pa/cm2): 40- CfU/g < 30-  Dimensions: 17.5 x 9.5 cm (adult)-  Certifications: DDM 93/42/EEC; EN 14683, Type II

    Since it is a medical and sanitary product for hygiene and safety reasons, returns cannot be accepted.