K3 Automatic Infrared Wall-Mount Thermometer

K3 Termometro ad infrarossi automatico da parete - Dolomiti Medical

K3 Automatic Infrared Wall-Mount Thermometer

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The K3 thermoscanner is a revolutionary non-contact wall thermometer with infrared technology, can be hung on the wall or mounted on a pedestal and will check body temperature whenever in proximity to a person's forehead. The thermometer will signal an abnormal/normal body temperature with sounds and lights and help detect possible infections. 


• Security at work / home / office

• Peace of mind for those who work within the area

• No operator required, fully automatic

• Instant and precise temperature monitoring

What does it include?


1 x Infrared wall thermometer

1 x USB power cable (for operation, it is necessary to connect the power cord to the supplied power supply or to an external battery (which can be purchased separately)

1 x 5W charging/power outlet to connect to power cord

2 x special screws with dowels to hang it

3 x bioadesive double-stick strips to hang it on smooth surfaces

1 x Instruction Manual


           • Compliance certification and EC - FCC - ROHS

  • Automation; the thermometer will do everything automatically by itself

    Very fast and efficient thanks to the brand new FSCD 3.1 (fast smart contactless devices) technology, it guarantees a measurement time of 500ms (50 people per minute)

    Measurement accuracy +\- 0.2 degrees

    Flashing light automatic alarm + sound for abnormal temperature

    High-definition digital display visible up to 5 meters away

    It can be hung on the wall with double-sided tape or with screws and dowels supplied or mounted on a pedestal (included)

    Can be installed at home / office / store/anywhere