Germoxid Chlorhexidine Disinfectant Wipes (400 pieces)

Fazzoletti disinfettanti Germoxid alla clorexidina (400 pezzi) - Dolomiti Medical

Germoxid Chlorhexidine Disinfectant Wipes (400 pieces)

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Germoxid disinfectant handkerchiefs contain chlorhexidine, which is a ready-to-use skin disinfectant with long-term anti-bacterial action.

We often find ourselves in situations where need to clean our hands, but find that there is no soap and water anywhere around. That's why Germoxid chlorhexidine disinfectant handkerchiefs make a difference and are the perfect product for you!

In fact, although invisible to the eye, germs and bacteria grow undisturbed on our hands and, in some cases, can proliferate putting your health at risk. Chlorhexidine shows proven broad-spectrum activity against many types of common bacteria. The molecular structure of Chlorhexidine has a high affinity with the proteins of the epidermis that involves rapid and persistent absorption at the skin level. Chlorhexidine is particularly suitable for skin disinfection by reducing bacterial flora, and has a prolonged action over time.

Chlorhexidine is particularly safe for handling all kinds of things during the day as it has maximum compatibility with the epidermis, does not irritate the skin and does not stain.

Reg. Min. Health 11571

Technical characteristics:

- Chlorhexidine disinfectant handkerchiefs- Sales unit: 400 pc.s per pack

- declaration of conformity