Pocket Breathalyzer - Alcohol Tester

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Pocket Breathalyzer - Alcohol Tester

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Nowadays, it is increasingly important to check our blood alcohol level, since the limits we have to respect when driving are lower and lower. The purpose of checking the level of alcohol in our blood, even when we drink less than a glass, is particularly important today.

If you want to check the level of alcohol in your blood, you can use this portable alcohol tester, which will allow you to make a preventive check and in case of a result above the permitted levels of alcohol in the blood, will allow you not to drive.

This pocket breathalyzer is convenient and portable, capable of detecting the presence of alcohol in the blood.

Why buy our pocket breathalyzer?
It is compact, measuring only 8.5 X 3 X 1, easy to use, just turn on "POWER", and blow into the slot, after a while the indicator light will show the level.
Ideal to keep in the car, for their own safety and the safety of others

Technical features

Measurement range: 0.2 ~ 1.5% BAC
Precision: ± 0.2 ‰ BAC at calibration point (alarm level)
Supply: 2 batteries 1,5V AAA (not included)
Display: digital
Compensation tolerance: pre-alert function when the alcoholic level limit threshold is reached
Automatic shutdown: 2 minutes
Breath sampling with automatic flow detection: about 6 seconds of continuous breath sampling
- user manual (EN)
Detection cycle: 20 seconds
• Alarm level calibration: 0.5% BAC