Dolomiti Soap - Automatic Soap Dispenser

Dolomiti Soap - Dispenser automatico di sapone - Dolomiti Medical

Dolomiti Soap - Automatic Soap Dispenser

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Looking for a way to save money, avoid waste and fight pollution? Dolomiti Soap is the automatic soap dispenser that allows you to use the correct amount of product and make your liquid soap supply last longer.

Why choose Dolomiti soap automatic dispenser?

• Dolomiti Soap uses the latest infrared automatic detection technology and works completely automatically. The Dolomiti Soap Dispenser is equipped with an infrared motion sensor and as soon as it detects hand motion underneath it, it automatically releases a moderate amount of soap. It works without contact, so it is hygienic, and during this sensitive period makes it possible to prevent cross infection. It also doesn't make a mess in the surrounding area.

• Dolomiti Soap dispenser can be widely used; useful in kitchens, bathrooms, hotels and hospitals without the need for wall installation. Not only can it prevent the spread of bacteria and cross-contamination, but it is also very environmentally friendly, suitable for children, and even encourages them to wash their hands regularly.

• Dolomiti Soap allows you to use not only normal soap, but also a liquid detergent that will come out as foam when you dispense it, so it is delicate on the skin, without the problem of leaking on to the surface below. During operation, the LED light will flash 10 times to inform you that you will be washing your hands for 10 seconds or more.

You can adjust the soap dispensing: just press and hold the power switch on the back of the main unit to control the volume of the liquid with 2 possibilities from 0.6 to 1 g. Avoiding excessive use. It is recommended to use it for hand washing and washing dishes. (Please use the type of foam of your choice; liquid detergent should be diluted 2-8 times with water and mixed well.)

• The Dolomiti Soap is battery powered and does not require an electrical outlet, and can be installed anywhere. With a capacity of 250 ml, it can be used about 800 times and will last up to 3 months on a single charge. It is equipped with a vision window, which easily allows you to control the amount of soap still available. The batteries are positioned in the back so that they can be used safely.

Technical specifications


340 g


21.4 x 10.6 x 9.6 cm