Dolomiti Key - Contactless sanitary door opener

Dolomiti Key - Apriporta sanitario contactless - Dolomiti Medical

Dolomiti Key - Contactless sanitary door opener

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DolomitiKey, DolomitiMedical's patented health door opener is for safely opening doors, pressing buttons and using touchscreens without touching and contacting germs with their hands.

Keep your hands clean
G Thanks to no-touch technology, you can use the doors in public places, baskets in stores, and push elevator buttons without worrying about viruses and bacteria. Stop touching dirty surfaces

Stop touching dirty surfaces
Open doors, use touch screens and press buttons without direct contact.

The package does not include the keychain pendant.


➤ It can be used to open doors, pull drawer handles, and press elevator buttons or ATM keys.
➤ Ergonomic design: The touch end of Dolomiti Key is not pointed and does not damage doors and/or screens. The material is very durable and allows you to easily open even very heavy doors. 

➤ Easy to clean: After returning home, just clean with disinfectant wipes. Perfect for reducing the use of paper, gloves, or towels- saving money and safeguarding the environment.


What is DolomitiKey like?

DolomitiKey© is made from top-quality materials. We use iron and zinc for the composition of our product. It has solid weight and comfortable feel.

What are the dimensions?

Size: 9.22 x 0.6 x 3.43cm

What's the best way to clean DolomitiKey?

You can clean DolomitiKey a soft cloth, a disinfectant towel, or in cases of serious dirt, steel wool & soap.

DolomitiKey does it work at gas stations?

DolomitiKey can help you use touchscreens and gas station buttons, but it doesn't help you hold the nozzle or pull the trigger of the pump to deliver gasoline in your vehicle.

Why doesn't my DolomitiKey© work on touchscreens?

A common mistake is to try to use the tip of the DolomitiKey© on touchscreens. To use a touch screen correctly, you must touch the screen area with the entire edge of the DolomitiKey© flat surface.

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