Disposable gown Cat. I (5 pieces)

CAMICE MONOUSO DPI CAT. I (5 pezzi) - Dolomiti Medical

Disposable gown Cat. I (5 pieces)

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Disposable non sterile gown. This device protects the front of the body, upper limbs and partially lower limbs from contact with hazardous substances from minor risks thanks to the barrier effect to liquids and non-contaminating agents. It is therefore indicated in all facilities where the safeguarding of hygiene and personal protection is essential.
Excellent fit - Good resistance to both longitudinal and transverse traction - Water repellent - Very low permeability only to the water column - Ultra light - Hypoallergenic - Very low flammability (burns on contact
with the flame and tends to go out) - Good drapability - Low electrostaticity - Good resistance to viral penetration - Good air porosity - Excellent resistance to the penetration of saline water and alcohol.
Precaution of use Do not use in case of obvious defects such as damaged TNT, laundry or unstitched.
Contraindications and iterations No contraindications or iterations in the use of this medical device.
Methods of transport and disposal There are no particular observations to be observed in transport; disposal goes
carried out in solid waste containers if the gown is not contaminated with substances. In case of contamination,
the gown must be disposed of in the appropriate biological waste containers.
Maintenance Not necessary, being disposable.

Conservation and handling

Temperature between -5 ° C and 40 ° C, humidity below 80%,
without exposing to moisture or direct heat.

Degree of contamination (Bioburden)

Less than 700 cfu / gr


  • TNT Spunbonded Oeko Tex certified
  • tested for skin contact
  • TNT Polypropylene 30gr per m2


    • 5 pieces per bag