Reimbursement for businesses

​​​​​​​Get a full refund of your expenses for Prevention products from Covid-19

rimborso per le imprese

The Call for all Italian companies

Safe enterprise is the new Invitalia announcement which provides for areimbursement of expensesincurred for the purchase of masks, gloves and other protective equipment.. 

Who can get a refund

They can participate in the call all Italian companiesofany size.

To comply with the requirements, the company must::

  • To have based in Italy
  • Be regularly registered and active atBusiness Register
  • Not to be in liquidation or subject to bankruptcy

What you can ask for a refund

The call finances the costs for the purchase of the following products::

  • Masks filtering, surgical, FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3
  • Gloves latex, vinyl and nitrile
  • Protection deviceseye
  • Protective clothing such assuits and / or gowns
  • Boots and / orovershoes
  • Headphones and / orheadgear
  • Devices for thetemperature detectioncorporeal
  • Detergentsand disinfectant / antiseptic solutions


There are requirements that expenditure must meet. There is a minimum amount of expendituresa?

Yes, in order to be reimbursed, the expense must be:

  • Above 500 euros.The amount can also refer to multiple invoicese
  • backedfrom March 17th onwards
  • Connected to invoices already paidat the date of sending the refund request, through current accounts in the name of the company and in ways that allow full traceabilityà


How much will be refunded to me?

The announcement reimbursesup to 100 of the expenses incurrede, from a minimum of 500 euros to a maximum of 150 thousand euros per company.

Refunds are paid within the limit of available resources, which amounts to € 50 million.


How the refund works What should I doe?

Here is what to do to access the refund:

1. Book your refund

From 11 May send the refund booking to dedicated computer desk. You have until May 18th. You can make the request from Monday to Friday from 9 to 18.

2. See if your business is allowed

After May 18, Invitalia publishes the list of all the companies that have requested the reimbursement, specifying those admitted to the reimbursement and those excluded..

3. Submit your refund request

If your company is admitted, submit the refund request online, from 10.00 on 26 May 2020 to 17.00 on 11 June 2020. A dedicated page will be activated..

4. When will I get my refund??

Within the month of June2020.