About Us

Dolomiti Medical deals with the production and sale of personal protective equipment (surgical masks, washable masks, FFP1 masks, FFP2 masks, FFP3 masks, hand sanitizing gel with 75% alcohol, UV sterilizers, latex gloves), and all '' wholesale protection tools for companies (ecological atomizers, hand sanitizing spray, thermal scanners with facial recognition, plexiglass dividers) and much more.

Dolomiti Medical's mission is to accurately integrate technology into healthcare contexts, creating the opportunity for a broad distribution of knowledge. We also produce masks with our automatic machines in Italy and distribute them throughout the country as well as other health products.

Dolomiti Medical holds a leading international online store in the hygienic-medical sector. We aim to provide a wide range of high quality with dedicated professional service to our valued customers around the world. We sell wholesale to hospitals, pharmacies and companies; retail through our online shop, Amazon and third-party partners.

Dolomiti Medical by Holding Dolomiti S.R.L.
Registered office: Via Carlo Rizzarda, 8 - Feltre (BL) - Italy
Tax Code / VAT number.: 01216030252
SDI code: UDI0W8G
Registration as a manufacturer with the Italian Ministry of Health and the Istituto Superiore di Sanità (ISS): nr. 1967079
CEO: Gianluca D'Incà


Dolomiti Medical is a brand of the Holding Dolomiti S.R.L. of which they are part Pine Industries, Dolomiti Blockchain is AGD Foundation. We have been operating in the production, import / export and customer service sectors for over 20 years.

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